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Welcome to the DTL Group - Specialists in Arbitration and Mediation; Claim Preparation and Defense; Construction Inspection; Schedule Preparation; Surety / Owner Completion Services

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DTL Group Inc. has worked with Owners and Contractors to plan, schedule and resource level projects ranging from $5 million to $750 million. By utilizing CPM scheduling, DTL Group Inc. can identify the critical path and help communicate the plan to all the parties involved with your project. We have scheduled various types of projects, such as:
  • Airports
  • Steel Production and Processing Facilities
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Hospitals
  • Medical / Nursing Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Automotive Production and Support Facilities
DTL Group Inc. has produced detailed schedules between 1,000 to 10,000 activities, which help the manager to forecast, control and determine the impacts of an unexpected event and take action to minimize it. Advantages for creating and maintaining a detailed CPM Schedule include:
  • Document progress and changes
  • Incorporate changes and impacts
  • Compare progress against the baseline schedule
  • Forecast peak resource periods
We take the time in the beginning of the project to carefully review the drawings and the contract specifications before creating the CPM schedule. We will customize the level of detail in the CPM schedule so that it will be an easy to use document during the life of the project rather than another piece of wallpaper. Our schedules are recognized as useful tools in planning and forecasting projects because we involve all the contractors participating in your project. In addition, we can incorporate resource data into your schedule so that management can understand peak periods of key resources as well as review the impacts of changes to the schedule.

During regular intervals, we update the CPM schedule and strive to keep the schedule close to the actual field conditions by incorporating progress from the various entities involved and also to include all the latest known changes into the CPM schedule. We will compare the progress or impacts against the baseline schedule to analyze shifting critical paths, out-of-sequence progress and slower than expected progress. The updated CPM schedule is very useful to management in controlling the overall direction of the project and it's affects on resources.