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Welcome to the DTL Group - Specialists in Arbitration and Mediation; Claim Preparation and Defense; Construction Inspection; Schedule Preparation; Surety / Owner Completion Services

Arbitration & Mediation 
Claim Preparation & Defense 
Construction Inspection 
CPM Schedule Preparation 
Surety / Owner Services 

P.O. Box 23765
Hilton Head Island, SC 29925
(216) 533-0894

David Lunka, president of DTL Group Inc., has successfully performed on numerous occasions as both an arbitrator and mediator of construction disputes. He has received extensive training from and is certified by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and has been serving in the capacity of arbitrator and mediator for AAA since 1990.

We recognize alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a viable and cost effective solution to resolving construction disputes and are well versed in resolution through the use of ADR. Should the need arise on your Project for such services, we will be happy to discuss our fee structure for these services based on the specific needs of your case.