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Welcome to the DTL Group - Specialists in Arbitration and Mediation; Claim Preparation and Defense; Construction Inspection; Schedule Preparation; Surety / Owner Completion Services

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Claim Preparation & Defense 
Construction Inspection 
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Surety / Owner Services 

P.O. Box 23765
Hilton Head Island, SC 29925
(216) 533-0894

DTL Group has amassed substantial experience in both the preparation and defense of complex construction claims involving nearly all facets of construction including the following types of Projects:
  • Power Plant Construction
  • Medical / Nursing Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Civil and Heavy Highway
  • Low to Moderate Income Housing
  • Commercial and Industrial Production Facilities
  • Automotive Production and Support Facilities
  • Steel Production and Processing Facilities
  • Airport Construction
  • Professional Sports Facilities
As seen above, we have been involved on a myriad of different projects throughout the world. With each assignment, we have taken a unique approach to analysis based in part on:
  • Needs and budgetary requirements of the Client
  • The level of documentation available for analysis
  • Legal strategy of the defense team
We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to claims whereby the same procedure is followed in preparation or defense of every claim. Instead, we approach each claim with a unique perspective and strive to select the most cost efficient methods based on our extensive experience to analyze the available documents with a constant eye on the Client's preferred method of resolution of the claim, whether it be settlement, arbitration or trial.

When defending claims, we challenge our opposing party to support and document all facets of the claim consistent with the project records while utilizing accepted methods for proof of the claimed loss.

When preparing claims, we strive at all times to remain objective and challenge our Client to support all allegations with documented proof consistent with the Project records and interviews of key Project personnel. We strongly feel this bottoms-up approach results in higher quality, more easily supportable claims directly correlating to higher returns on the investment made in claim preparation cost.