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Welcome to the DTL Group - Specialists in Arbitration and Mediation; Claim Preparation and Defense; Construction Inspection; Schedule Preparation; Surety / Owner Completion Services

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Hilton Head Island, SC 29925
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In today's construction industry it has become critical to track project progress and disbursements more closely than in times past. Contractor failures, terminations or abandonment of a Project can leave the Lender, Owner, or Developer's disbursements far ahead of actual progress, thereby necessitating infusion of additional capital to complete the Project.

The DTL Group has developed an inspection service that helps to keep an Owner, Lender or Developer informed of actual progress on a project as it pertains to the value of work in place. This service has also proven to be a valuable tool in keeping the Contractor accurate in their assessment of actual progress achieved at the time of preparing an invoice. Our services include the following:
  • Review of Plans and Specifications
  • Site visit to confirm actual progress, stored materials etc.
  • Review of contractors pay request by line item
  • Comparison of draw request with the Updated Project Schedule
  • Preparation of spreadsheet and summary report including progress photographs
With our experience in the construction industry we understand the need for a quick turnaround in the approval process. With that in mind the DTL Group has streamlined our inspection process to where we can usually (depending on location) provide our written report in one business day.